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Raw or Undercooked

Noodle or Fried Rice

1. Pad Thai
(Chicken / Beef /Shrimp)
2. Yaki Udon
(Chicken / Beef /Veg / Shrimp)
Stir-fried Japanese udon noodles with vegetables
3. Tempura Udon
Japanese udon noodles with shrimp and vegetables, served in a light broth
4. Nabe Yaki Udon
Noodles with chicken, fish cake, vegetables, egg and a piece of shrimp tempura served in a light broth
5. Seafood Udon Soup
Japanese udon noodles with shrimp, white fish, vegetables, scallop, crab meat and fish cake served in a light broth
6. Vegetable Fried Rice 11.50
7. Chicken Fried Rice 12.50
8. Beef Fried Rice 13.50
8a. Shrimp Fried Rice 13.50